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Laura Chamness
B.S. Chemistry - University of Southern Indiana
B.A. German Studies - University of Southern Indiana
Ph.D. student studying membrane protein folding and evolution.

David Ferguson
B.S. in Biochemistry at Taylor University
Graduate student studying the effects of sulfonamides on bacteria.

Carley Folluo
B.A. Chemistry - Monmouth College
Graduate student conducting reactivity studies in the gas phase.

Brendan Godsel
B.S. Chemistry - Valparaiso University
Graduate student in materials chemistry with a specific interest in catalytic studies.

Carrie Lierz
B. S. Biochemical Sciences - Peru State College (minor biology)
Graduate student studying the structure function relationship of SMC proteins in bacterial chromosome maintenance.

Claire Mammoser
B.S. Chemistry - Valparaiso University
Departmental honors, minors in music and humanities
Currently a graduate student in analytical chemistry.

Mattea Scanlan
B.S. Chemistry - Western Illinois University
Graduate student studying the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles.

Rebecca Skalla
B.A. Chemistry - University of Colorado, Boulder
Graduate student studying the chemical synthesis of colloidal nanomaterials.


Mihyun Jeon
B.S. Mathematicas - Seoul Women's University
B.A. Internationl studies - Seoul Women's Universty
M.A. Mathematics Eduction - Sogang University
I am a third-year doctoral student in Mathematics Education at Indiana University Bloomington. I have experience teaching mathematics for secondary school students in South Korea and am currently teaching Geometry for undergraduates here at IU. I have investigated preservice secondary mathematics teachers' mathematical understanding and explored Korean middle schoool mathematics textbooks on function.

Justin Lin
B.A. Mathematics - Northwestern University
Ph.D. student in mathematics studying algebraic and geometric topology.

Weverton Ataide Pinheiro
B.S. Mathematics - University of Brasilia
M.S. Mathematics Education - National Taiwan Normal University
I am currently a Ph.D. student in Mathematics Education at Indiana University Bloomington. I particularly research how college-level students generalize in advanced mathematical domains, and how teachers learn to design and implement specific curricula that support secondary students to generalize. I also develop work in how students majoring in mathematics construct their mathematician identity.

Ben Rosenzweig
B.A. Mathematics - Yeshiva University
M.S. Computer Science - Indiana University
PhD Candidate in Computer Science studying applications of machine learning algorithms in phylogenomics.

Iwan A. J. Sianturi
B.Ed. Mathematics Education - State University of Medan, Indonesia
M.Ed. Mathematics Education - National Chiayi University, Taiwan
Ph.D. student in Mathematics Education. I had experience teaching mathematics for senior high school students in Indonesia and teaching algebra and calculus for undergraduates at a university in Taiwan. I was involved in preparing preservice teachers to teach in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools in Taiwan. I particularly focus on solving mathematical problems using efficient and flexible strategies by adhering to conceptual understanding. More details about me and my research are available here.

Selim Yavuz
B.S. Mathematics - Yildiz Technical University
M.S. Mathematics - Yildiz Technical University
I am currently a Ph.D. student in Mathematics Education at Indiana University Bloomington. I have experience teaching mathematics for five years to high school students in Turkiye. I have written six textbooks and practice textbooks related to high school mathematics and geometry. As a researcher, I am interested in studying teaching and learning high school math and geometry.

Matthew Hardee B.S. Mathematics - Southern Methodist University
M.A.T. - Austin Peay State University
He is a Ph.D. student in mathematics education at IU Bloomington. His research interests include students’ mathematics intentions beyond high school and the development of reasoning and proof in the curriculum. I have prior experience as a high school mathematics teacher and a Mathnasium instructor.

Hyunjeong Lee B.S. Statistics - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
M.S. Mathematics Education - Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Ph.D. student in Mathematics Education. I have experience teaching mathematics for secondary school students in Korea and Ethiopia and am currently teaching finite for undergraduate students at Indiana University.


Taryn Bosquez
B.A. Biology - Ripon College Ph.D. student studying the endocannabinoid system and biological pathways of addiction.

Emily Hibbard
B.S. Biology - Indiana University
B.A. Psychology - Indiana University
Ph.D. student studying traumatica peripheral nerve injury and neural circuitry plasticity after repair.

Michelle Murphy
B.A. Psychology - Franklin College
M.S. Biotechnology - Indiana University Bloomington
Graduate student studying the endocannabinoid system and neurological development.

Taylor Woodward
B.S. Neuroscience - Brigham Young University
Ph.D. student studying the neurobiology of addiction and novel treatments for substance abuse.

Biology/Environmental Science

Megan Freiler
B.A. Biology - Washington University in St. Louis
Graduate student studying the evolution of communication and social behavior.

Curteisha Jacobs
B.S Biology - Harris-Stowe State University
Ph.D. candidate in Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology Graduate student studying the oncogenic protein HSF1 and its role in repelling cytotoxic CD8+ T cells from entering the tumors microenvironment.

Computer Science

Md Taufique Hussain
B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering - Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Ph.D. student in Intelligent Systems Engineering studying high performance graph algorithms.


Dane Cross
B.S. Physics (Astrophysics) - University of California, Santa Cruz
B.A. Computer Science - University of California, Santa Cruz
Ph.D. student in Astrophysics, studying different models of dark matter and how they affect objects like star clusers, galaxies, and galaxy clusters.